Thursday, July 21, 2011

Need Supply Co.

I never knew this place existed before today but I am really liking their selection. Some pieces are definitely not me, but I like a lot of their striking shoes, some of their apparel (like the dress below) and their reasonably-priced handbags. It's definitely worth checking out. =)

Darian Woven Front Wedge (favorite!)

Veronica Lace Bootie

Benched Cutout Platform (weird and probably uncomfortable, but really cool)

Slate Blue Handbag

Slinky Criss Cross Dress by Free People

Briefcase Satchel by Let Them Eat Cake

check them out at

Summer Vacation

At the end of June, Kevin and I went on vacation.

We went to California for 8 days.

We stayed in El Segundo for a few days, went to Fresno and saw my cousin, and then went to San Francisco for a few days; we had never been to San Francisco and had an amazing time. Such a beautiful city contrasted by self-important people and horrible parking. Stunning parks though! And great food! We spent the 4th in San Francisco and were able to see a great fireworks show over the bay at Aquatic Park (by Fort Mason). Here are a few photos of our trip. Also, I haven't seen my cousin in 14 years, so that photo is gold.

First night in CA we ate at California Fish Grill; Kevin and his Ahi Tuna Salad.

Redondo Beach with my family. My cousin's babies, running off dinner. ;)

Sunset Blvd. In-N-Out. Of course.

The hotel they used to film exterior shots of the hotel in 'Angel'. *nerd*

Amazing Italian food we found in Fresno!

Me and my cousin.

On the Bay Bridge headed into San Francisco. Our first San Fran experience: witnessing an arrest. Good times.

July 4th. Kevin standing in front of our hotel, the Marina Inn, waiting to cross the street.

A cute mint-green Vespa. After a few days of endless walking, this seemed like the smarter alternative.

Kara's Cupcakes. YUM!

The Fleur De Sel cupcake: chocolate with caramel filling, ganache frosting and a sprinkle of sea salt. *inspired*

Fireworks over the bay!

Just walking around the city...

Some wild blackberries we (I) picked after discovering Tank Hill. Best view of the city, by far.

The beach in El Segundo after dinner at Andiamo's Pizza on Main Street.


Have you vacationed this year or do you have plans to?


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