Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celeb Lovin' (There's just something about Sarah)

Yes, I love the show.
Yes, I've seen the movies. Both of them.

No, I'm not a SATC-head.
No, I don't own the series on DVD.

But seriously, there is just *something* about Sarah Jessica Parker (and her amazing wardrode)! I love her style. I really respect her style, too. She is classy and sophisticated and whimsical and confident. No one can wear color and patterns and totally couture and sometimes wild pieces quite like she can. She is at once trendy and trend-setting.

There are people who make websites like this one, but I don't agree. Megan Fox, for example, is untalented and a poser; but she is deemed 'attractive' so she is popular, even though she is responsible for bombing the films she stars in. I think SJP, conversely, is attractive and stylish and her confidence does a lot to promote her, more than some people who are more widely considered to be good looking. Plus she is a talented businesswoman as well as an actor.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Inspiration - Smart Shelving for Small Kitchens

As I continue drooling over awesome kitchens that I find online, I have happened on several examples of efficient, space-saving shelving ideas for smaller kitchens. If you are running low on cabinet space, here are some ideas for adding a few extra shelves (the window shelves would look great with glass or small china pieces) and extra open storage space to house some of your dishes, appliances or serveware:

If you have a passage between your kitchen and dining room, utilize the space above the doorway for one small shelf - perfect for a collection of decorative china (cups and saucers, vintage Jadeite, etc). This would also work above a window or over a pantry door.

I love the use of window space as storage space, too - I think rooms and spaces pulling 'double duty' is a really efficient and creative way to make the most of smaller homes.

I love the addition of the decorative glass above the shelf.

The glass shelves (isntead of wood) is a nice way to keep the space as open as possible. Also, aligning the shelves with the window panes helps keep your view unbostructed. (This idea is from, an excellent DIY blogger I happen to follow)

I love this sleek modern kitchen; it still has a warmth about it that is welcoming. The long shelves along the window do nothing to close in the space and really showcase some pretty, decorative items. Of course not everyone has a huge bank of windows in their kitchen. ;) But even smaller kitchens can pull off the look.

The next space-saving idea is to introduce an open shelving system to your kitchen. If you have a bit of floor space, you can turn a corner or small piece of otherwise-awkward wall into storage space. I just recently scored a large open shelf this weekend from - I think it would be perfect for a spot in my kitchen that really needs to be put to use.

I think the subtle blue color of these shelves is beautiful! A white kitchen is an open kitchen, but I'm a fan of color and this brings a little personality to a storage space that could otherwise look a little cool and industrial.

I think people are afraid of showing their appliances or even their food in the kitchen. We've 'learned' that storage space should be closed (cabinets, pantries). But I think it adds a huge dose of interest and personality to a kitchen to have things out in the open. People tend to collect things they love so why not have them out where you can see them and your guests can appreciate them? (Also, I'm LOVING the little jars of dry goods in the photo below! Stylish and clever!)

This is such an awesome space. The shelves along the back of the kitchen are JUST like the one I got this weekend (except mine is white powder-coated metal). I can see it now, holding my acacia wood salad bowl, blue floral cake stand, trifle bowl ... the perfect way to display pretty items (and pieces with unique silhouettes, too, like this coffee pot I scored at an estate sale).

What are some of YOUR favorite space-saving ideas??

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Things I Like -

This morning I checked my e-mails and found my weekly Shop It To Me e-mail waiting in my Inbox. If you don't subscribe to this, you probably should (if you like to shop, that is); it's a great resource for apparel and accessories that are on sale all over the web. Who has time to check out ALL the websites and stores you shop at just hunting for sale items? Here, they are accessible in one single e-mail. However, it it sometimes just another temptation during those times when you can't afford to buy every cute thing in sight!

Whenever you subscribe you can choose several 'settings' for your membership, including the maximum price - they will send you only items that fit into your specifications: just shoes, just apparel, items below $100, etc. Check them out at

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week's sales (apparently and completely unplanned, my list is pretty much all J. Crew!).

Banana Republic Tribal Tubular Necklace - $29.99 (prev $39.50)

J. Crew Jersey Lomellina Ruffle Tank in Copper Clay - $89.99 (prev $125.00)

J. Crew Skinny Wedge Flip Flops (a classic!) - $7.99 (prev $19.50)

 J. Crew Weatherby Short Boot (still expensive, but *awesome* - loving the back zipper detail and the ankle snap) - $129.99 (prev $250.00)

J. Crew Stretch Vintage Bootcut Cord in Cobblestone - $19.99 (prev $79.50)

Celeb Lovin'

Olivia Palermo: I know nothing about her or what she does - actor, philanthropist, paparazzi fodder (all of the above?). But I think she looks pretty much amazing in this outfit. I love that it is polished and classic but still quirky and so very colorful.

I'd like to think I was channeling this kind of outfit here. ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Theft; Authenticity; Originality.

Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent.

Yes, I stole this from someone else. ;)

What I Wore (Plus: The Weekend Update)

Friday, Kevin and I went out to dinner. I love the times when we have a lot to tell each other and our time together is full of conversation and questions and sometimes a debate or two. I had left work a little early (not even 30 minutes) and got home when I am usually clocking out. I changed into something more comfortable ... and of course had Kevin take a few pictures before we left.

Gold Flats: Old Navy // Rug: UO

Pants: Old Navy

Hat: Christys' (UO) // Shirt: Gap

This weekend ...

Saturday we were up early - I made blueberry oatmeal pancakes. Then we picked up a fridge for our garage. See? 

Inside the fridge; needs a good cleaning.

This is where we're going to put the fridge:

Then we had lunch with our friends the Chandlers, went on a couple errands, cruised a few garage sales, then home for the afternoon. I decided it was high time I get a little painting done, so I took some watercolors out to the back patio and got creative.

Sunday we slept in; I'm not a big fan, but it was nice this time. I guess we needed it. More pancakes this morning! Then Kev did some work in the yard while I drank another mug of coffee and did a couple crossword puzzles. He's been trimming the big tree in our backyard - got a few dead limbs down

This afternoon we've been cleaning out the new fridge - a trip to Lowe's is coming up soon for a few supplies, then we can make sure it's stable on the ledge/step where we'll be placing it.

Here are photos of our chairs that need to be reupholstered ... anyone know of a good, economical upholstery place in the Dallas area??

got a pair of these for $10 - vintage

curb freebie!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thrifting, antiquing, garage saling, oh my!

Weekends are made for a good deal. Saturday is just the perfect day for early breakfast, a few errands and a dose of thrift or antique shopping for that perfect piece you didn't know you couldn't live with out. 

A couple weekends ago, Kevin and I went to a new antique mall we had never visited before and spent a few hours just browsing the aisles - aisles upon aisles of antiques and not-so-antiques. Here is what we came away with:

Fiestaware Serving Platter in Rose - yes, a retired color but this one is from the second of 2 manufacturing periods, not the original 'vintage' one. Still, just $12.

See? The Fiesta stamp on the bottom indicates that it's newer - apparently if the type is all caps, it's older.

Kevin had to get this old Dick Tracy coffee mug. ;) $3

Some of the vintage comic books Kevin picked up ...

And this weekend, we cruised around for a good garage sale. All we saw were heaps of clothes and kitchen items for the most part. Then we stopped at a garage sale just a few blocks away from our house and I found 2 great things that I wanted (I didn't want then until I saw them, actually). I asked how much they wanted for the pieces and was told they were being sold as a 'lot' with a bunch of other items that I didn't particularly want. We kept browsing and then the seller said, well just take that - I'll be putting it on the curb tomorrow anyway. ... OK! ... before we left I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask just one more time about the other item I had my eye on - I was emboldened by the unexpected freebie. Yup, free again! No lie. I am pretty pleased with my new acquisitions; and most especially with the price. Here's what I found:

Vintage letter opener ... it's missing one of the stones but I think it can easily be replaced (or just left as-is).

Vintage yarn-embroidered cat - the frame needs a coat or 2 of paint to freshen it up ... I actually like how some of the stitches are showing their age ... 

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Wore

I decided I would fall into the trap of self-induced peer pressure and succumb to the 'here are pictures of what I wore today' blog trend. I certainly have no claim of being a fashion icon or diva or even educated in the field of styles and trends and what actually looks good. Kevin tells me what I wear (in recent months) often resembles a Grandma's outfit: something a blue haired old lady would pull out of her closet; the closet she hadn't updated since 1973.

And yet ... oh well. Ya know? I am getting to a point - very progressive and slow, and sometimes one-step-forward-two-steps-back - where I don't care what people think about what I wear (that said, I do take Kevin's insight into consideration - sometimes his 'tweaks' make my outfits even better and slightly less Granny).

I used to care very much; and I used to worry that people thought I was fat or unfashionable or ugly or unpopular ... and it concerned me. I just didn't know how to fix it so I could 'fit in' which I never ever did. Now I know how fruitless the pursuit of popularity is; I keep telling myself to just 'be yourself', 'be confident'.

I think, pursuant to the thesis of this post, what we wear is truly what we make it. What's in my closet doesn't define me nor does it limit me. I don't care if someone thinks grellow and pumpkin orange shouldn't go together in an outfit; if I want to wear it, I'm wearing it with confidence. I don't care if you think my butt looks big in my high-waisted paper bag tweeds; those pants rock and I will wear them with pride.

We are who we are, not what our hair or our clothes make us look like to other people; that leaves us open to so many misconceptions that often we don't give people a chance to be who they are after making a snap judgment based on ... well, nothing.

So here are some photos of outfits I have worn over the past several months (years, in some cases). However minimally important other people's opinions are, I AM receptive to glowing praise. ;) (except for my 'modeling' skills which I am already aware are greatly lacking!)

From 2007 ...

Tank: Mossimo (Target) // Sweater: TJMaxx // Jeans: Gap // Flats: Marc Fisher (Macy's)

3/2/11 ...

Tee: Gap // Cardigan: Old Navy // Scarf: Gap RED // Pants: Kimchi Blue (UO) // Belt: Gap // Flats: Report (Macy's)

1/20/11 ...
Tank: BDG // Cardigan: Old Navy // Coat: FOG by London Fog // Pants: Old Navy // Flats: Report (Macy's)

3/7/11 ...
Oxford: NY&Co // Cardigan: Target // Skirt: UO // Tights: Target // Shoes // Target

3/17/11 ...
Blouse: F21 // Cardigan: F21 // Pants: Pin & Needles (UO) //Jewelry: AE

Shoes: Rouge Helium (


This morning I woke up crying.

As my body emerged from the cloudy surface of sleep back into consciousness of time and bedsheets and hungry cats, I was aware that I had been dreaming about Mike.

I was standing with him and Emma and Griffin outside in the sun - we had taken them for the weekend and met back up with Mike on Sunday afternoon. He was wearing his signature jeans and smiling a lot. He was holding a cup of coffee in his left hand.

He was telling me about the kids' Christmas - they spent it in Europe and he was so excited for them - Emma was smiling, too. Then he was talking about the kids coming back home in January and then saying that he had done ... something ... with them in January. I can't remember what it was though. But as he was saying this I felt something telling me that January didn't quite make sense. I looked at Em and she wasn't smiling anymore. I put my hand to my mouth and felt tears welling up as I realized why none of that was real and then everything sort of went blurry and black and I felt like I was being pulled away.

He isn't here anymore ... it was ... just a dream.

Kevin and Mike in Denison, Mary Karam Gallery. 03/27/2010

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celeb Lovin'

Emma. Watson. Rocks. That is all.

(PS - I am not a celebrity 'follower'; they are people who just happen to be well known and in the media and who can afford to wear expensive things and own massive homes in 5 countries. This does not earn my appreciation or fanship. However, when a person establishes themselves as an individual and someone with their own style and personality and path, I can respect that.)


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