Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pregnancy Related Incapacitation!

My first thought if drop something on the floor: "$&@#!" (let's be honest)

Next: "Do I really need that?"

And then: "I'll just get another one."

Ahh, pregnancy.

Slowly curing me of OCD, one day at a time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dragon Lady is here! aka: grumpy pregnant lady. (Plus, yummy British foods)

The last couple weeks I've been a wimp and complained about everything.


You name it.

And honestly I haven't had that much to complain about. =/

I'm feeling great. Which is a nice change.

My back isn't hurting as much and I'm sleeping better. Even though I wake up uncomfortable sometimes, I'm not tired and I don't really have a "tired slump" as much in the afternoons, so I know I'm getting rested. I do wake up on my back a lot and supposedly you should sleep on your left side for circulation to the fetus or whatever.

But sleeping on my left side is PAINFUL - I have a sharp stabbing pain in my left ribs whenever I inhale. Not conducive to sleep. It's hard enough breathing these days, period; but add pain to the mix? ... So I sleep on my right side now. And then wake up on my back. Breaking all the rules!

I haven't been as hungry/cravey lately. Though I suppose I have been craving fruit. Some days it's almost all I eat before dinner: a banana, apple, orange (sometimes two), sometimes a handful of almonds, sometimes a small piece of cheddar with the apple, any leftovers I may have brought from home, a flipping gallon of water, and then dinner at home. I feel like I'm eating all day but I'm never hungry. I just feel the need to eat something and eat it. I am definitely NOT counting calories these days.

OMG, Kevin convinced me to try some new McVitie's (I'm kind of stuck on my dark chocolate dipped digestives)called HobNobs and I'm flipping out. Addicted!

We got the original ones which are just-crispy-enough and oaty and so good (nobbly!).

And the vanilla creme sandwich HobNobs which are half the size of the originals and filled with yummy vanilla creme, like Oreo but better.
SO FLIPPING GOOD with my tea after dinner.

I'm pretty sure I'm a land whale but that hasn't slowed me down.

Here is my 25 week self!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If I were having a girl ...

... I would buy both of these.

Right this minute.

Baby Update

Yesterday I went to my monthly Ob visit. Everything is "perfect" apparently ... my weight (hah!), the baby (of course he is) ... his heartrate was 150 - I always like getting to listen to his little heart.

I'm at 22 weeks and 5 days today.

Fetus is (almost) the size of a pomegranate.

At my next appointment I have to get the glucose test. I've heard some mixed feedback about that so we'll see how I handle it.

Now to wait another month.

This year is flying.

By September there will be a third human living in my house.



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