Friday, March 30, 2012

Someone Like You. Just not quite you though ...

Every time I hear this song - which lately has been entirely too scarce since I'm now kind of addicted to it - I want to curl up into a sad little ball and enjoy feeling sorry for myself.

And maybe cry a tiny bit.

Something about this woman and her insanely epic voice ... and those lyrics. Yeah.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well this is just sad. ... And chocolate chip cookies. And babies!

Three months and no blog posts! Not like I have a flock of eager readers tracking my every post and life decision and meal and clothing purchase/recommendation and Hipstamatic photo. ;)

But still. I have such good intentions and then just ... abandon them instead for an hour of repinning on Pinterest, making dinner and eating it with my husband on the back patio and voraciously watching 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' like a proper Trekkie/nerd/pregnany lady on a mission. ... Oh yeah!

Since my last post, I am excited to share that my sweet husband and I are expecting our first child!

I'm 18 weeks and due 8/31/12. This week the fetus is the size of a bell pepper, my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe and my balance is officially non-existent!

I've worked in the same office for 5 years and have started bumping into walls that have never posed a problem before. I am clumsy - actually I have always been clumsy but this whole daily-shifting-center-of-gravity thing is NOT helping: I drop full glasses of water all over the kitchen and myself and trip over rugs. And my own bare feet. I am emotional: I have cried more in the last month than I have in the last 5 years all together. I don't have a love-hate relationship with food anymore, as I did in the first trimester. Actually it's all love now (yay! no more gagging! I have to be grateful that I was spared from some of the most horrific first trimester symptoms, thankfully)

Yes, now all foods are friends again. 

Especially chocolate chip cookies.

Speaking of which I have been on something of a quest recently to find the "right" CCC recipe. I wanted to say "perfect" but that is really relative to who is eating the cookies. Some people like crisp cookies (we don't); some like soft, Famous Amos cookies (I could take them or leave them unless they are oatmeal which must be soft); some people like cookies with crisp edges and chewy middles (yes please!!). Thankfully Kevin also likes the perfectly balanced crispy/chewy CCC so I am working on finding the right recipe for us. I typically just use the one on the package of Toll House or Ghirardelli chips, whichever one I have around. But surely there is a magic combination of ingredients I can use all the time to ensure we have the ideal cookie.

I just recently tried this recipe from Savory Sweet Life which is wonderful and maybe I did it wrong but as they cool they get a little TOO crispy - like, all-over crispy so the chewy part is all gone. Kevin is a dunker (not me) so this can work for him the next day but for me it's just like eating a cracker or something. Not preferred. They are SO GOOD fresh though: like 3-minutes-from-the-oven warm with ice cold milk. M-hmm.

I think these are up next. Don't they look divine?? And I'm loving the addition of the sea salt sprinkle on top. Just that little extra something. And the yummy toasted walnuts sounds AH-mazing.

Of course mine wouldn't come out looking quite this nice but it's worth a try!


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