Monday, February 14, 2011

Behold! BHLDN: Website unveiled today ...

...and it's a looker to be sure. Check it out here. This is Anthropologie's take on wedding apparel and accessories and it does not disappoint.

Their gowns and dresses are beautiful - some classic, some unique and vintage-inspired or a new color combination you hadn't thought of. Sooo pretty. And their accessories, shoes and lingerie are truly works of art. If I was getting married this would be my inspiration! Since I'm not, I'm just using it as some really great eye candy.

While you're here, check out a few of my favorites from their new collection:

Tulle Era Dress - 2400.00

Savoy Dress - 220.00

Indigo Mist Dress - 400.00

Vanity Table Peignoir - 250.00

Brocade Shoe Clips - 80.00

On a Wing Heels - 480.00

Undulate Necklace -  520.00

Vapor Cardigan -  240.00

Plumed Tiara -  825.00

 Feathered Corsage Birdcage Veil - 300.00

Emerald Field Kisslock Clutch - 550.00

Be sure to check them out!


  1. They have really gorgeous clothes! The first dress is so dreamy! xoxoxoo



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