Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Sale: More items just posted to my Etsy Shop!

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I'm having entirely too much fun with this ... ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sources for Specialty and/or Quirky Gifts

Been browsing the web lately looking for "exciting and new" (Always gets me thinking...) gift ideas. This year Kevin and I have decided not to really "do" gifts since it gets out of hand and we're trying to save money. If we buy a gift for one person we have to buy gifts for 30 people because that one person knows like 5 people who we also know and ... basically, things get expensive fast.

However ... Kevin has his birthday (30!!) and our anniversary 2 days from each other, followed closely by Christmas. I know how difficult this is (for kids and kids at heart) to have their bday and Christmas so close together; parents tend to combo-gift, which is kinda lamesauce (totally just learned that!), however much I might understand and appreciate its frugality.

So I'm trying to make sure Kevin isn't forgotten: on our Anniversary (7 years) and his very important (to me) and a tiny bit stressful (to him) 30th bday.

All that to say, I found a few interesting sites in my quest for a cool Kevin-worthy gift. I thought I might share since ... well, tis the season.

1. for their unique and pretty pieces:

2. for their goofy and lol-inducing sticky pads and stamps:

3. for their adults-are-kids-too theme:

Happy Shopping!


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