Monday, April 2, 2012


Tomorrow is the day that determines the color of all the baby clothes we will be gifted by people who think baby girls have to wear pink and baby boys have to wear blue until they are old enough to have long hair that differentiates them from the opposite sex. Some people really are that old fashioned.

I'm not old-fashioned, really. I guess I'm not very traditional at all. I don't think that hair or activity or color of clothing - or even style of clothing - determines sex. I think that a child should be able to choose what they wear even if that sometimes means they look like an old bag lady or Hallowen costume gone very, very wrong.

I think when they are too young to chose for themselves, that parents could manage opening up their predispositions and allowing a little yellow, orange, green, red and black (gasp) into their child's wardrobe, whether boy or girl. I'm not sure who came up with the pink/girl, blue/boy themes but I'm over them. I want ALL colors and lots of them around my baby. I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with exposing your child to all the options out there and allowing them to make their independent decision to wear blue or pink or orange or purple without swaying their choice. Check out this article for more.

So yeah, all that to say: tomorrow we find out if our little dragon is a boy or a girl.

We go in at 1:30pm to have our sonogram and find out if everyone and their dog has been right: My friend and I are the only ones who thing 'boy'; Kevin and everyone else think we're having a girl.

If the old wives tales hold any water, then I feel like it might be a boy based on my symptoms. But you never know. I have a 50% chance of being wrong! ...

I'm not sure how this might change my ideas of baby color coding. I tend to get a tiny bit nauseous when I see babies in pink and flowers and lady bugs or blue and trucks and bears and construction equipment. (Or worse yet: Dora! omg! Take your infant OUT of that branded polyester, please! Gap makes great cotton onesies. No logo or mascot required) No wonder your toddler loves those things; that's all you've exposed them to.

There is still so much gender expectation and inequality, however modern humanity likes to think we are 'advanced' and 'open-minded'. I'm not sure who or where these open-minded, free-thinking parents and citizens are but they certainly aren't in Texas (open-minded, free-thinking, non-traditional people of Texas please prove me wrong!)

I may find out we're having a girl and then go nuts for tutus and pink - paint and clothes and stuffed bears and shoes and socks blankets, and, and, and - but I really don't see that happening.

We'll know tomorrow! =)


  1. Love your post... When I was pregnant with Max, the sonogram said "It's a girl" So I went crazy with pink clothes and diapers.. well when he was born the doctor said, "Uh I hope you wanted a boy".. lol. Max had to wear pink diapers for probably six months and he had no clothes. No way was I gonna throw them out! Of course that was 21 years ago when technology wasn't what it is today.

  2. I don't believe Kevin ever believed it was a specific gender.
    Personally I think that if it's your own child that you shouldn't really worry about it until you find out. Just be glad it's healthy - assuming the best of course!

  3. Yes, you are right. Kevin never really wanted it to be anything but healthy and chromosomally complete. ;)



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