Monday, October 4, 2010

Well hello, Fall. *There* you are. =)

Fall is here. I am so happy. The feeling is indescribable; irreplaceable; irresistible!

I have a few Fall decorations around the house - just a few - because I love the warm colors and fragrances of this season so much. Tonight, I got some mini pumpkins and gourds for the porch; now all I need is a wreath for the wall just above the arrangement (it has a sturdy nail in place, just waiting for a seasonal wreath!) and I'll be good to go.

Inside, I have some little ceramic pumpkins in assorted colors (they are actually individual soup bowls). I have a few on the coffee table along with a delicious Spice Cake candle (So delicious! I just lit it last night for the first time) and some nesting baskets. Also in the living room, I have a few metal tea light holders with large, medium and small pumpkins on the front.

And on the kitchen counter/island, I have just a few assorted things I'm not quite sure what to do with yet - a Caramel Pecan candle, Bergamot candle (gotta get my Earl Grey in there somehow!) and a mini ceramic pumpkin. Also there is another of the larger ceramic pumpkins that lost his cap (same as the ones of the coffee table) that I filled with the rest of our Salt Water Taffy from the State Fair.

Our windows are still wide open to the cool air, though it was hard getting up this morning since it was SO cold - in the 50's! Maybe it's time to pull out the flannel sheets and start replacing the clothes in my closet with the clothes in my cedar storage closet (such a nice way to store 'overflow' or out of season pieces).

Tonight is pizza night. Not homemade. Though that is on my list of things to try! I have yet to make a homemade pizza crust, but I have found some that are yeast free and I'm wondering if that will help achieve a thinner crust, which is what Kevin and I prefer. We'll see.

Warm pizza, cool night air, and a movie with my hubby. What a nice way to spend this Fall Monday evening.

How do you decorate for Fall? Do you like Harvest or Halloween decorations? Let me know how you celebrate the season!

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