Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just drinking in this quiet Saturday.

This morning I planned on waking up a little earlier. Making some coffee and breakfast and tidying up the house. I’ve done all those things just 2 hours later than intended. But it’s Saturday and I suppose Saturdays are made for sleeping in at least a little. I love my bed. Maybe that’s why it’s difficult to wake up on time – unless I have to get up, like every Monday through Friday – and instead loll about with the sun peeking through my windows and speckling the sheets and the almost-cool air drifting in through the window. A nice accompaniment to those late-morning dreams.

Now I’m sitting in the kitchen listening to my timer click and waiting on breakfast casserole in the oven. The cats are fed, kitchen clean, coffee mug by my side. Nothing to do today but a few errands and maybe a bike ride with Kevin – it’s the perfect mild day for it.

Today I’m pondering Fall. There’s a feeling completely unique to this time of year, even though the weather hasn’t really turned yet. An anticipation – almost nervous – for what’s ahead. I’m thinking about Halloween parties, pumpkins on my porch, Thanksgiving turkey - should I make my very first turkey this year and have Thanksgiving at my house for once? I’m thinking about the State Fair and those Stars tickets I have and how I love to see a good hockey game with my husband in the Fall and going home to hot chocolate. Even thinking about Christmas parties, baking cookies and the taste of peppermint. And thinking about decorating my new house for all of it. I suppose this time of year is introspective and maybe a little reminiscent for me. I have good memories with friends and with Kevin in these months.

Breakfast casserole is out of the oven! *tummy grumbles* The recipe was really easy. I made a smaller portion but it could very easily be doubled (or more) for a family or guests.

Preheat oven to 350

3 eggs
1 c milk
Seasoned with: parsley, thyme, salt, pepper
Whisk together and set aside

2 slices bread, diced (I used 12-grain bread)
½ tomato, diced
6 slices bacon, cooked (I used turkey bacon) - or use regular bacon, breakfast sausage, etc
1 c Cheddar cheese, grated

Layer in a casserole dish: Bread, tomato, bacon, cheddar. Top with with egg mixture. Bake for about 30 minutes or until the eggs have set. This turned out really well but I may use a crustier bread next time, like a sourdough or something.

I also chopped in some fresh basil. yum!
Kevin isn’t feeling well today so I may head out on errands later and let him rest. For now I’m enjoying this great day with no demands on my time.

PS – Last night I enjoyed one of these delicious caramel wafers with my Earl Grey. It was a really light treat, not heavy or super fattening. I tasted a tiny hint of cinnamon intermixed with the gooey caramel. Mmm (They are at Aldi right now for $1.99)

ooey gooey caramel!  

Here it is softening over a steamy mug of Earl Grey.

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