Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Art for a Bleary Monday

I want to share a few really beautiful pieces of art I've happened upon. I have found several truly great artists and designers (apparel, jewelry, etc) through their websites, blogs or Etsy shops. I can see a wall somewhere in my house adorned with a little trio of prints, or a little square of vintage photo frames filled with bold strokes and curious details ... I love art like this and am always excited about bringing it into my house. Take a look.

1. Leigh Viner of jkldesign (check out her Etsy here) - I am bowled over by her stunning artwork. This is the kind of stuff I want to do but can't ... really beautiful and loose strokes but so much structure and depth to her subjects. Again, the 'old' colors - the thick lines of deep pink coral and brown-turquoise. Love love love. Click here to learn more about this Denver-based artist.

'Opulent Speckle'


'Day to Night'

'Deep Honey'

2. Samantha Battersby of Matou En Peluche - I found here some of the most darling cat prints *ever*. I have 2 gray cats (one silver tabby with apple-green eyes and one petite Chartreau look-alike with gold eyes) so these sweet blue/grey cats are especially endearing. Here are 3 of my favorites. Click here for more information about Samantha and here for her Etsy shop.

'The Magic Blue Kitten'

'Super Kitten'

'The Cat and the Canaries'

3. Mike Barr - These paintings remind me just a little bit of a wonderful woman who used to paint bright scenes from her homeland. The misty, reminiscent feeling makes the prints look like they are out of a dream ... or maybe it's just a warm, hazy day at the beach. Check out his blog, Art Of Barr, here.

'Late Afternoon - Semaphore'

'Shadows on the Sea'

'Moonlight Regatta'

What about you? Any favorite artists you'd like to share?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my kitty cat prints on your beautiful blog! An honour! :0)

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  4. Hello! It's a very good post! I just love your blog.

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  5. Pretty! I love the little kitten ones:-) Totally made me smile! xoxo



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