Sunday, September 2, 2012


There's something psychological about a due date that makes you feel, once it's come and gone, that you're in a straight jacket.

Of course that is unless you're one of *those* moms who feel great during pregnancy. One of those moms who "glowed." Well...not I. Though I certainly wish that was the case. I'm fully aware of the wonderful miracle that is taking place and the brand new human who will be here (not) soon (enough). But he needs to be miracling in his bassinet now, not my belly. I'm ready for that transition.

As it is I wake up feeling like I spent the night being beaten up. My back is a joke - my ability to stand upright is progressively declining. My ability to smile it away when people ask how I'm doing -- oh and the "are you still pregnant!?" and "are you sure it's just one?!" -- is rapidly disappearing.

Proceed at your own risk.

Swelling: check (ever-present, no reprieve)

Numbness/carpel tunnel: check (though wearing the splint at night helps the pain)

Sleep: fitful, restless. And when I wake up, pure suffering for a few hours as I reacquaint myself with being awake.

Breathing: shallow at best.

Attitude: getting worse by the day.

Hospital bags: packed a month ago.

Baby's room: ready for baby!!

Photo: me at 40 weeks, 08.31.12

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  1. So sorry, I feel like women are both equally blessed and cursed with their reproductive ability. Hope he comes soon and I promise great joy and relief will be yours! I really thought with that full moon he would be here, I even had a dream you had your baby. Hope it comforts you to know your not alone, many others feel the same way at the end and you have earned to right to vent! Well wishes and have you looked into ways to induce labor at your home? I am sure you have but I thought I would ask anyway...



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