Friday, May 6, 2011

My Royal Wedding Weekend

So whenever my friend wrote to me in March asking if I could come up for the Royal Wedding, I had to ask her when it was. I wasn't keeping track. I didn't know who was attending or what the wedding cake was going to be like.

But of course I said yes.

So I drove up from Dallas on Thursday morning the 28th and spent the afternoon and evening helping to prepare all the food we were going to be ingesting at 4am on Friday. Strawberry Basil scones (to be topped with freshly whipped creme and strawberry jam), Prince William's Cake, mini cupcakes, fruit salad with berries and mint, baked sausage bites ... I can't even remember what else. OH: like, 8 pots of tea. of COURSE.

Getting up at 4am aside, we had a wonderful time watching the wedding festivities - history! - unfolding live. We laughed at a few of the crazy hats (seriously, ladies?), wished Diana was there, and were appropriately awed by The Dress.

Here are a few photos from our memorable weekend. =)

Looking sleepily festive

The cakes!

Mimosas: getting up early isn't all bad.

Scones, creme and jam.

Prince William's cake ... chocolate, McVitie's biscuits, topped with ganache

Some of the goodies, as well as a keepsake book from Diana and Charle's wedding in 1981.

The sausage bites, still warm.

Did you do anything festive to commemorate the Royal Wedding Weekend?


  1. nope. slept right through it. but i totally would have gotten up for that spread!


  2. I was so excited too. Wish I had thought to have a cute party. I stayed up all night to watch it even thought I had a flight very early the next morning. The festivities started at 3am California time. Great post. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! xoxo

    Don't forget to stop by Fash Boulevard sometime soon.



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