Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby's First Quilt!

I have posted previously about the small quilts my neighbor made for the baby - small, "tummy time" quilts, also great for going out, in the car, picnicing, travel. She made them in bright rainbow colors with pretty backing and trim. 

I have always liked very colorful things and wanted a full spectrum of color for the Baby and his room so these little quilts are perfect. Kevin put them on the crib after we got it set up; here is a photo of one of them:

Well, she has finished the larger, wall-hanging quilt and came over last night to give it to us, along with his little pillow for the rocker/glider.

She had shown us all the fabrics a few weeks ago and I loved the colors she chose. I had shown her a photo I found on Pinterest as my inspiration piece and she basically replicated it for me! It looks amazing.

Here is the inspiration quilt:

And MY quilt:

The backing on the quilt and pillow are a very dark charcoal gray with a pebbled pattern:

And the front of the pillow is bright orange (!) and light gray chevrons:

Kind of awesome.

Now I can hardly wait to get the chair so we can see how the pillow looks. And we'll have to figure out the final layout we want for the room so we know where to hang the quilt. *so impatient*

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