Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am not sure whoooo determined owls would be en vogue this year (and hopefully indefinitely), but they deserve a doff of my cap (if I was wearing one). I love animals and decor with animals or jewelry with animals. I'm not sure what it is: a woodsy appeal, or something warm-and-fuzzy from childhood, or the lure of nature, or maybe just the need in many people to cling onto something that is popular and 'in'. I may have a little of all those things, but mostly, I love owls!

In 'real life' (there are many versions of life that I have 'going' at the same time: dreams, imagination, work, home and then the mysterious 'real' life ... it's a lot to juggle, I won't lie) owls are just a tiny bit scary. This doesn't really endear me:


Beautiful, but slightly creepy.

But the following examples of owl themed collectibles definitely endear me! I am currently working on my personal collection ... I love the eclectic, cheerful vibe these little owls can bring to a room or an outfit.

This great owl statue from my cousin - so green and handsome!

This orange owl cookie jar. I have previously blogged about my desire for said owl, for obvious reasons:

This presh Betsey Johnson owl ring, which I just purchased from Macy's:

This past weekend, I scored this darling owl oven mitt by Kitch'n Glam at Paper Source in North Park Mall. TOO cute:

Not to mention this great sparkly ornament and cotton rug at Urban Outfitters:

Also, Conan likes owls ... 'nuf said. ;)

What about you? Are you an animal lover? Let me know what your favorite animal is and if you have decor or jewelry with an animal theme.

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