Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Things For your Closet! (plus one other thing)

I found out the other day (for at least the second time - apparently my memory is not what it used to be) that the caps on those Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works twist open the opposite way of any normal, American container. I had purchased some online while they were on sale (with a giftcard!) and we tried very hard to open them with no success. Huge amounts of torque; a pair of pliers; teeth: nothing. We decided to return them. The lady laughed and said we were twisting them the wrong way. We laughed, too. Now our house smells like Kitchen Spice, Caramel Apple and Lavender (in the bedroom to induce relaxing sleep, supposedly). All that to say, I really enjoy Wallflowers. I rarely have them in the house but when I do I find they are mild and pleasant, not overwhelming or cough-inducing (like that air freshener my mechanic hung in my car the other day ...)

While we were at the mall 'returning' the Wallflowers, we stopped at Payless - Kevin thought they might have some slippers. I have been on a mission for slippers for a while now since my old ones I've had for 4 years completely gave out. The soles are coming loose and the fabric is frazzled and permenantly stained from going outside ande scuffing around the house almost every night. He found the perfect pair of slippers for me! I wanted slippers that had a closed back (those backless 'scuffies' that slip on don't really keep my feet warm). I wanted slippers that were fluffy and cozy. I wanted slippers with a relatively durable sole. These have it all. I am so excited! I wear them all the time now! They sort of look like bigfoot feet, or like I'm wearing one of my cats on each foot. I guess that's what makes them so cozy -- cats DO make good footwarmers. I highly recommend these comfy slippers! They are very economical and very cozy ... perfect for cool winter nights on the couch when you're trying to save money on your heating bill. ;)

Next on my list of good things for the week is colorful tights.

I have wanted to get several pairs for a while but haven't been able to find them anywhere in colors other than black and gray (BO-ring); either that or they are like, $30 which I think is completely unacceptable for a very perishable accessory. At last, I found some at Target the other day and bought three pairs. I am still looking for a pretty golden color but I did score the bright hunter green and warm, plumy magenta I wanted. I also got a light, ashy-gray pair which is nice with more colorful shoes. Yesterday I wore them with a knee-length floral skirt (small print) and orange mid-heel lace-up pumps. I think tights are a fun way to accesorize and incorporate color. If you have a more classic, neutral wardrobe, they are great at punching up the color and changing your look. Even with colorful or patterned pieces, tights can bring out an accent color or just transition a knee skirt or shortsleeved dress from Summer into the cooler months.

Here are some great examples of how to wear colored tights. Photo from this website.

I also must recommend this great website I discovered on my quest for tights; it's called We Love Colors. They have TONS of tights and leggings in every possible color. Their classic opaque, footed tights are $12.50 and come in 51 color options (nuts!). I guess they really do love colors? They have a color called 'Gold' which is just what I'm looking for! I might have to give it a try, even though it's pricy compared to my $5 Merona tights at Target. American Apparel also has opaque tights in a wide range of colors for $14.

Another "I heart" is definitely colorful shoes. I'm working on gathering several different colors and styles for my closet. I'm sort of over tan and black and brown shoes. I want greens and reds and yellows and blues. Happy colors! Happy colors for my feet! Doesn't it make you happy having color on your body? It makes me happy. I am not completely abandoning all the neutral tones for bright colors; they can be friends. But I just like color in places that I am not used to having color ... I wasn't raised with colorful shoes or colorful tights (well, when I was 5 I had red tights I think) or colorful scarves. It was all about the neutrals so you could have a 'versitile' wardrobe. But I want the best of BOTH those worlds ... which is why colorful accessories are so darn great.

Like these red ruffly pumps I found hiding under my bed the other week ...

And these cheerful loafers (I got the green pair on sale) ...

And of course the 'famous' orange lace-up pumps ... one of my new favorites!

And here are two more yummy pairs as found at the mall a couple months ago ... both drastically on sale (can you tell I like finding things on sale?) and adorable ... on the left: Gap rhinestone flats (you can buy they here) and on the right: from Nordstrom, BP Shoes brand which I just don't think you can buy anymore ... maybe on eBay.

That's all. Please share your favorite closet staples or fashion trends. It's fun isn't it? So long as it doesn't get too expensive. ;)

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