Monday, April 11, 2011

The Anthropologie Conundrum

I love Anthropologie. They have truly beautiful apparel, accessories, home decor, and tons of inspiration. I have a little twinge of "I wish I had that" whenever someone says they "Got it at Anthropologie" or does a What I Wore post with some amazing and well-styled piece from Anthropologie, like this one.

But I still can't bring myself to buy their merch until and unless it is drastically marked down on their super-clearance, you're-lucky-if-it's-in-your-size sale rack. I just don't understand $338 sandals asnd $228 blouses. I just ... don't get it. If I have $228 extra dollars sitting around (what a day!) I will spend it on getting that squeak on my car fixed, not buying a beautifully overpriced blouse that will look just as old and 'has been' as everything else in my closet after just a few wears.

All that to say, I still greatly admire (and esteem!) their stock and have browsed their webpages many times for inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite looks and pieces from their latest e-mail alert: perfect cool and light pieces for Spring and Summer.

Paint On Canvas Pants in Dark Grey

First Hints blouse in Ivory

Brickwork tee in Grey Motif and Drawing Parallels skirt in Plum

Bowtied Batik shorts in Gold


  1. I'm with you. Their prices are ridiculous. I never buy anything at full price. That jacket was $70 and I had a gift card. Definitely got lucky on that one!


  2. yes, absolutely - that's the only way to go, sale PLUS gift card. nice!

  3. great stuff...have you ever checked thrift stores? i pretty much only shop thrifted clothes, and oftentimes, you can find very similar pieces to anthropologie items!

  4. I so agree! I only ever browse their sale section, and even then it seems pretty ridiculous.

  5. @ Two Birds: I do thrift, but not enough. That is definitely on my "do this more often" list.

    @ Ana: "Rediculous" is spot on. Beautiful things should be accessable, not a costly temptation.

  6. I also share this same sentiment! I love going to anthropologie.. but I just can't bring myself to pay those prices for clothes! I will just stick with the less expensive housewares!



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