Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

The other day I found a delicious (looking) post about cinnamon sugar bread. I haven't really made bread before - I don't 'do' yeast and rising 3 times on a warm countertop. And kneading. but the pictures had me lusting after this warm delicious bread - with a steamy mug of coffee - on a lazy weekend morning. I just had to create that pleasant visual for myself.

So I bought some yeast on my next grocery stop and prepped the dough on Friday night. You have to knead it like, 3 times or something, so I did everything I could the night before and put it in the fridge til 8:30am on Saturday. I got up with my alarm and did the rest: kneaded (again), rolled into large rectangle, brushed on melted butter and sprinkled on cinnamon sugar (pre-mixed last night, of course), cut into (not so neat) little squares and stacked up in my loaf pan. Somewhere in there I went back to bed ... maybe it had to rise again? for like 30 minutes? You'll just have to read the actual (articulate) recipe here because I'm really sucking at bread-making accuracy right now.

Anyway, it goes in the oven for about 35 minutes and comes out brown and crisp on top and melty gooey sugary on the bottom. Like cinnamon toast and cinnamon rolls on warm gooey crack. It doesn't get much better.

Here is a picture of my bread, which looks like a a very deformed cousin of Joy The Baker's lovely loaf of bread. It's really the deliciousness that counts though and that was there, in full force. It's a must-try for a lovely weekend breakfast!

(I couldn't help myself ... I had already devoured the entire corner before realizing I hadn't taken a photo!)



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