Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I had a weird day.

But it got better this evening once I came home and spent some time with Kevin, made dinner, watched some Anime (he just got me started on a series called 'Moon Phase') and went for a walk around our neighborhood. 

Dinner was chicken fajitas today, though I guess they are more like chicken tacos? I'm not sure what the magical preparation is for the restaurant fajitas that come out of the kitchen sizzling and popping on those little cast iron dishes. I just brown chicken on the stove - no extra dose of sizzle involved. But yummy for sure!

And somehow, we have the worst luck with sour cream in our house. Whenever we are putting it away we manage to drop the tub, splattering what's left of the sour cream onto the floor, rug, refrigerator, wall, trash bag. At least we had already eaten. ;)

Start with ...

2 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless) cut down to bite-size-ish pieces
Brown the chicken in a pan with a little cumin and a little chili powder and a pinch of salt

Then, prepare ...
1 green bell pepper - wash, remove seeds then slice into strips
1 onion (white or red would do here) - slice into strips
Soften the veggies in another pan over medium-high heat with some butter to keep them from sticking - add a pinch of salt, too. I like the veggies to get sort of browned around the edges, but just cook them to whatever point you like - still crunchy, soft, a little brown around the edges...whatev.


Heat a small pan on a medium-low flame and add a little butter once it's warm; swirl a corn tortilla in the butter and let the tortilla warm on both sides - set aside and cover. Repeat this with however many tortillas you want. This is actually Kevin's tip for helping the tortillas stay in one piece and not start splitting as you take a bite - that's never fun, but usually messy - and I've officially adopted it.

 The only other 'toppings' I use is some grated cheddar, some of Kevin's custom-mixed hot sauce and a drizzle of sour cream. So so good. (A beer might have made this dinner even better but, alas, we are out.)

wow, that looks like a lot of sour cream from this angle...

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