Monday, September 20, 2010

In the wake of this epic fail Monday ...

I've decided to make something easy and delicious and something that will accompany my glass of wine brilliantly (this is vital, mind you). Something with all of 5 main ingredients (Not counting salt and pepper. Who does that anyway?) that will take no more than 20 minutes to cook.

Beef-But-I'm-Substituting-Turkey Stroganoff

The ingredients in order of use:

1 bag of egg noodles - which should be cooked and set aside (covered)
1 lb beef or turkey or whatever
1/2 white onion diced
8 oz white mushrooms NOT washed and sliced or diced as you like

Start to cook the meat then add the onions to start softening; in a minute or two, add the mushrooms. I like doing these sort of together which is faster than browning one ingredient then removing it from the pan and then browning the next (some people cook the meat then remove and cook the onions). This is silly and a waste of time I don't even have. Once the meat has browned and the veggies are soft, mix in ...

4 T flour - mix this into the turkey mix
2-1/2 c water - I used some white wine as well because it tastes good - pour in after the flour and stir til smooth. Let this all simmer a little til it starts to thicken (won't take long). Remove from heat.

1 c sour cream - stir this into the mixture til combined.

Stir the sauce into the noodles and eat up!

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