Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burn Baby Burn!

I have to say I am proud of myself and Kevin: We have joined a gym. And actually gone. And sweat! Last weekend (I think) we went to a gym just up the street from our house called Planet Fitness; we have been flirting with a membership there for months but decided to finally 'Just Do It', as they say. Their memberships are insanely affordable; we opted for their $10/month option with includes group classes/tutorials, fitness trainers and unlimited gym access. It's a nice, clean gym with locker rooms and showers; they open early and close late (I think it's 5am to 11pm on weekdays) so you can go before work or after dinner and errands.

I have been watching my portions and the things that I'm eating. Lots more fruit, salads, good fiber and way less of everything; my calorie intake is probably about 2/3 what it was. I'm just proud that we're making an effort. Even if we don't see results *right now* (which is tempting to hope for) we are working at it - that's all you need to do. I feel so energized and so good about myself when I work out. That's enough (for now) to keep me coming back. Of course if I don't look better and fit into those old jeans after months of work, I'll feel more than a little discouraged's hoping that is not the case!

So yeah, most exciting post ever! Just thought I would share something I'm working on lately persuant to my resolution of treating myself better ... doing things that are healthier for my body.

Have you changed your habits for the better this year?

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  1. congrats! I`m too lazy for gym but I try to eat more healthy.xx



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