Monday, June 13, 2011

Kitchen Reno - Part II

And the saga continues.

Again with the whole iceberg thing: you see one project and feel confident it won't take too long to tackle. That project ends up being imperceptibly and indelibly connected to 8 other projects that you are then forced to tackle before any one of the projects can be satisfactorily completed. One of the rules of Home Renovation 101.

This month we started by ripping out ugly old linoleum and ended up pulling baseboards, painting walls, painting door knobs, ripping off 40 year old 'tile' and rock-hard adhesive from our back splash, removing a massive range hood ... I think that's all. Oh, and of course spending as much time at Lowe's as we have at home. Here are photos of the 'progress' if you could call it that ... more like chaos.

And I have a party to host on Saturday! Yikes!

After just one coat. So pretty and crisp against the freshly-painted door/trim.

The blue looks COMPLETELY different on this wall. Crazy, color-changing paint.

Awful adhesive! And the little tiles we had to chip off one by one.

Kevin pulling more tiles. They used to be vintage green. The ones behind the oven were never painted.

All the tiles are OFF. Now to get the adhesive off.

Most of the adhesive is off. Now to smooth the surface, patch holes and retexture.

The fruits of our labor? or ... whatever. ;)

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