Friday, June 24, 2011

Change can be a good thing

Sometimes it's just nice to mix things up. I like having things for certain seasons and then changing them out for different things. Like bedding. It's inexpensive to have a couple different bedding sets - one for the Fall and Winter months and another for Spring and Summer. I have been itching for something more cheerful and bright in our bedroom for a while. We had a great paisley quilt in there already with deep grays and greens. But I felt something Springyer (?) would be nice for a change.

At Home Goods (I can never go to Home Goods and come out empty handed. Never.) I found a gorgeous new quilt that is *perfect* for our room! It brightens it up just enough but keeps it cozy - our bedroom is our haven (our escape from stressful kitchen redo's, for example) so warm and relaxing is important.

The quilt and shams are by Cynthia Rowley

Our existing tan shams we found at an estate sale actually 'work' with the new quilt; the 2 toss pillows in front are new, too.

A new Ralph Lauren sheet set, too - sateen, of course. So soft!

Close up of my pretty new champagne-colored sequin toss pillow.

We went into Home Goods just to browse ("Just 5 minutes", I told Kevin ... he scoffed, of course) and came out with all new bedding. I need to stop visiting Home Goods for a while. ;)


  1. I agree. I'll stop going to if you stop going to Home Goods! ;o)



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