Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sexy Lingerie?

In my exploration of other people's blogs, I have come across a few posts similar to my 'good things' posts about products or whatever that the blogger is a fan of, owns, would like to own, etc. I found this site because of my blog browsing and found that they really have a stunning collection of good quality (and also beautiful) underthings, delicates ... lingerie. Some of the items offered here are on my 'would like to own but will not own anytime soon' list - $120 for one bra is really not very practical. 

Though the whole 'practical' thing seems to come up in many arenas (apparel, food, home decor), Overall, I am sort of sick of it and sick of being practical. Does everything HAVE to be practical and economical and basic? Does everything have to be plain and simple and serve one, entirely unadorned purpose (in this case: who-needs-decorative-underwear-because-no-one-will-see-it-so-who-cares-if-it's-beige-with-no-ruffles)? I would argue no; not everything has to be plain and basic. I think everything can serve a purpose - most often the practical one it was designed to serve - while still being stylish and attractive and something we are pleased with not only for its use but for its beauty.

Fleur of England 'Fleur T' Something Blue Lace Balconette Bra - $87.50

Andres Sarda Suite Sheer 3/4 Cup Bra - $123.60

No, there really is no place for $100 bras or $90 'knickers' in my delicates drawer. But surely that doesn't mean I consign myself to the bland. No. I am not OK with that. Which is why the discovery of this at once beautiful and outrageously expensive web-store has inspired me yet again to keep on the lookout for beautiful things for my home and my body and every other part of my life without completely ravaging my bank account. I believe there is a place for lovely and attractive things that make us happy to look at - and make us feel good to wear, even if we are the only ones who know about it - that are also economical. Even if that means making it ourselves (which is an entirely different topic and an entirely different rabbit trail which I have explored in my head many times!)

However we come across these articles (homemade, thrift stores, garage sales, retail sales, etc) we should seek out items that are not just serving a purpose but are also pleasing to us and articles that make us happy to say "that's mine" and to see it in our homes on a shelf or in a drawer. We should seek out items that completely please us - not just items we need, but items that are wonderful at the same time and ones that completely make us happy to purchase them. Does that make sense? Don't allow yourself to keep only the mundane and 'necessary', but also the beautiful.

All that to say - and to finally circle back to my opening theme - I think lingerie is sexy or attractive or 'serving its purpose' if the wearer FEELS those things and feels a sense of confidence in part because of that article. No one else sees your bra as you go about your daily business, but you know its there and if it makes you feel attractive or stylish or happy, really that is all that should matter no matter what: not what other people think but what I think about what I do and wear and own. Ultimately I think that is what makes people happy: not bothering about what other people like or find to be stylish or pretty, but what you think of yourself and about interpreting those styles into what suits you the best.


  1. Fleur of England's bra is so sexy! Love it! xo style, she wrote

  2. isn't it? I love the wide satin straps.



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