Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Things for February

Here again is my monthly edition of the good things list: just a few things I've encountered - products, foods, experiences - that stuck out and that I feel are worth passing on to my faithful 5 (blog followers, that is).

1. Tree Hut brand Sugar Scrubs. I recently found these for under $6 at Wal Mart. A quick Google search showed that most places sell them for the $6-7 range so I think this is pretty good. I got the Brazilian Nut (omg, rich, nutty, warm ... like a cup of mocha latte for your skin) and the Coconut Lime; my 'signature fragrance' for the Spring and Summer is Coconut Lime Verbena from B&BW and Kevin loves it so that's definitely a factor. This scrub is like that, but slightly milder and even more tropical. Tree Hut puts lots of natural oils in their products and I think this helps the whole 'tropical paradise' image that happens whenever you twist off the cap. Highly recommend.

2. Freeman Beauty GoodStuff Organics Foot Balm. I recently got this for about $2 - since I've had such a great experience with their hand lotion, I thought I would give it a whirl. This balm has a nice mild fragrance (shea butter and lemongrass) and is very thick to nourish dry, calloused feet. A great way to moisturize overnight during the dry Winter months: just massage onto your feet (or preferably, have a generous spouse do this for you!) and cover with thick socks overnight.

 3. Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice. This save a lot of time; I'm not sure how much money it saves - each bottle is $3-5 depending on where you shop. But it's definitely easier than juicing pounds of carrots at home and is SO delicious. It's the best carrot juice I've had. They use baby carrots so it's extra sweet. It's a great, filling drink as an in-between-meal ... plus it has a lot of great nutrients like potassium and Vitamins A and C. (

4. The Aveda Institute of Dallas. This is where I got my most recent haircut and I couldn't be more pleased. I previously worked with one of the very talented students here and she is the stylist who gave me my great new hairstyle. Check out her up-and-coming website here as well as her articles in the Dallas Examiner. Their pricing is incredibly competitive, their salon very profession and spa-like, their staff friendly and welcoming, and their service A+. I have finally found a salon I'm happy to visit at a price I can afford and not feel like I'm getting ripped off or worry I'll have to live with a horrible haircut that I paid ENTIRELY too much for. Check them out, and ask for Anita while you're at it.

5. High-waisted trousers from Urban Outfitters. I have recently revolted (if only temporarily) from low-rise pants. I am sick of the way they feel, especially for work pants. I'm sick of them hitting in just the wrong spot and constricting and pinching. If my weight changes by 2 pounds, they no longer fit me. UNacceptable. So I recently discovered some high-waisted pants (Kevin calls them Grandma pants but I ignore him) from Urban Outfitters. Their apparel is not especially economical but they often have some great items on super sale - like pants that are usually $60 or $80 on sale for $10 or $20. I got this pair by Kimchi Blue and this pair by Pins and Needles (pictured at right) and am happy with them both.

I don't have tiny calves like the models (I'll go ahead and blame the 3 years of Irish dancing that bulked up my leg muscles, even if that's not 100% true ;) so the pants are not quite so loose at the hems ... but they are still loose enough and very comfortable all around. I usually wear these pants with a blouse (silky materials work well) or camisole tucked in to show off the cute tie-waists and then wear a cardigan or a blazer over that. Basic; easy; comfortable.

My style is a very dynamic and evolving creature and I try to just go with the flow - whatever my 'style brain' likes I will try it and experiment and see if it works for me. Sure I don't want to look like a grandma - I'm not even 30 - but I want to be comfortable. And I think there is room for comfort and a bit of vintage charm while still looking like a 20-something. Yes? Apparently people who shop Urban Outfitters apparel department agree. ;)


  1. Ohhh, I'll have to try some of that scrub! Right now I use the organic "Boots" brand at target, and it is pretty scrumptious too. But I'm a sucker for new bath products... haha! :o)

  2. I hadn't even heard of that brand before but I just checked out some of their items online. Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. I'm deffinitely going to try this sounds good. Great post.


  4. Love those pleated trousers! xo style, she wrote



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