Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Feet! Or elbows or knees.

Best feeling this month:
Feeling the fetus move.

A little bit crazy and a whole lot awesome.

He has been moving - ever so gently - for a few weeks.

Until this week. Apparently he has been taking his Flintstone's vitamins because he is totally stronger. I can tell.

Red letter day: I saw my belly move.

No lie.

I was in bed reading last night; he was moving a lot and I had my hand on my stomach so I could feel it. Then I saw it! A foot or an elbow or something. Totally sci-fi. Crazy!

And then Kevin came in and I tried to have him feel it but little man was done; no more movements. We've still got a few more months for Kevin to feel it though. I'm sure bebe won't be shy forever.

Yes, a little crazy.

But mostly awesome.


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