Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our first hockey game of the season!

Tonight was our first hockey game of the season! Awesome seats that we shared with friends, Bethany and Neal; epic nachos, a couple beers and some shell-your-own peanuts for a 360-degree experience. The Kiss cover band, human bowling, and a couple on-ice fights didn't hurt. ;) The Stars played horribly and handed over a few *easy* goals, but it was still a good game and good conversation with friends. Here are a few photos from our fun evening. Then, it's bedtime for me. Happy Friday!

Your! Dallas! Stars! ... Just wouldn't be the same without the fog machine.

It's not a hockey game at the AAC without the build-your-own nachos

I now pronounce you hockey fans. ;)

There's something undeniably great about a beer and a hockey game.

Kevin and me, enjoying the game.

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