Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just one of those weekends.

This has been a really great weekend. Some things are really stressful right now and there's nothing I can do about it. I guess that's the thing that makes stuff stressful: not being able to change it or make it better? Sucks. Why are people horrible? And why do some people just seem to be OK with that? I'm sorry; I'm no good at putting up with people's BS. Don't pull that s*** on me. I mean that as nicely as possible. But seriously, that is enough to make me want the hermit's life.

Anyway ...

I think a great start for my weekend mornings has been getting up early. During the week I have to be up even earlier so I guess waking up at 8am is technically 'sleeping in' but for me it's a great way to start the weekend - instead of lolling about in bed til 11 which makes me feel like I've wasted part of me weekend. However nice it feels to be in bed and surrounded by fluffy pillows, it feels even better to get up and be productive and not miss out on the morning sunlight and a cup of coffee to start the day.

Saturday I woke up and got ready for my 11am appointment: getting my hair cut. I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts, where I seem to be getting all my coffee for free lately, and then cruised over to a local place called Vince's and got an unexpected bob. My mind was set on something even shorter (I am officially over hair; I think it's completely overrated and am ready to be done with it!) - something low maintenance and non-traditional. But the stylist assured me it wouldn't work for my hair which - apparently in the last 10 years has gone from curly to not curly without my even noticing it - wouldn't suit the picture of the really short cut I showed her (Ms. Mulligan pulls it off so well though!). I went with her expertise. I actually enjoy the way it is now. It works with my bangs, but I think I might let them grow out.

I still want this haircut! ... next time.

 For now, here is my bob ... it's even shorter in the back.

After my haircut, I went to Aldi (have I mentioned how I enjoy shopping there?) for a few basics, then back home to clean for our dinner guests.

Got the big pumpkin at Aldi for $3 ... he looks so cute on my porch!

Our friends Pam and Jim (I think of 'The Office' every time) were coming for pizza and we had dusting and vacuuming to do. Then we cleaned ourselves up and enjoyed an evening of pizza and salads and wine, then some games with brownies and coffee til midnight.

Today I was up at 8am and out of bed by 8:20. I woke up to this ...

She decided my stomach was the best place for a morning cat nap. ;)

Once I got out of bed, I cleaned out the dishwasher out from last night with 'Radio Lab' in the background. I got yet another free coffee from Dunkin' and this time picked up a few donuts for a totally unhealthy but easy Sunday breakfast. Kevin and I are working on 'Dexter' season 4, so we watched a couple episodes in our pajamas so we can send this disc back tomorrow (Netflix!). One episode left in the season and I'm addicted! Can hardly wait to see what happens!

This afternoon we went to Home Depot and spent more than anticipated on home maintenance projects. Isn't that the way it goes? Weather stripping, caulk, air filters, steel wool, programmable thermostat (on sale, at least!) ... and of course 8 more things we need but didn't get ... there's always next time. Stopped in at Goodwill and found what looks like the toaster I grew up with, complete with faux wood 'panels' on the sides. Fun flashback that made me smile.

Made me remember the fire I started with the oven mitt when I was a kid. Oops!

When we got home Kevin got started right away working on stuff around the house. And I got started in the kitchen getting dinner prepped. Kevin grilled the steaks and I made the mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed greens and sauteed mushrooms (heaven). A Hornsby's Crisp Apple cider for Kevin and a glass for Chardonnay for me finished off the meal perfectly.

It's a lovely evening to be outside ... the windows are open, too. I think they've been open for a few weeks now. I'm looking forward to our electric bill this month! We have hardly used the A/C and all our other electrical needs are relatively small in comparison. Thank you, Mother Nature, for helping us save some cash! =)

All that to say ... this has been a really nice weekend. And it's not even done yet ... still the rest of my evening to enjoy with Kevin and maybe a brownie and definitely the season finale of 'Dexter'. Happy weekend to all!

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