Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Inspiration - Smart Shelving for Small Kitchens

As I continue drooling over awesome kitchens that I find online, I have happened on several examples of efficient, space-saving shelving ideas for smaller kitchens. If you are running low on cabinet space, here are some ideas for adding a few extra shelves (the window shelves would look great with glass or small china pieces) and extra open storage space to house some of your dishes, appliances or serveware:

If you have a passage between your kitchen and dining room, utilize the space above the doorway for one small shelf - perfect for a collection of decorative china (cups and saucers, vintage Jadeite, etc). This would also work above a window or over a pantry door.

I love the use of window space as storage space, too - I think rooms and spaces pulling 'double duty' is a really efficient and creative way to make the most of smaller homes.

I love the addition of the decorative glass above the shelf.

The glass shelves (isntead of wood) is a nice way to keep the space as open as possible. Also, aligning the shelves with the window panes helps keep your view unbostructed. (This idea is from, an excellent DIY blogger I happen to follow)

I love this sleek modern kitchen; it still has a warmth about it that is welcoming. The long shelves along the window do nothing to close in the space and really showcase some pretty, decorative items. Of course not everyone has a huge bank of windows in their kitchen. ;) But even smaller kitchens can pull off the look.

The next space-saving idea is to introduce an open shelving system to your kitchen. If you have a bit of floor space, you can turn a corner or small piece of otherwise-awkward wall into storage space. I just recently scored a large open shelf this weekend from - I think it would be perfect for a spot in my kitchen that really needs to be put to use.

I think the subtle blue color of these shelves is beautiful! A white kitchen is an open kitchen, but I'm a fan of color and this brings a little personality to a storage space that could otherwise look a little cool and industrial.

I think people are afraid of showing their appliances or even their food in the kitchen. We've 'learned' that storage space should be closed (cabinets, pantries). But I think it adds a huge dose of interest and personality to a kitchen to have things out in the open. People tend to collect things they love so why not have them out where you can see them and your guests can appreciate them? (Also, I'm LOVING the little jars of dry goods in the photo below! Stylish and clever!)

This is such an awesome space. The shelves along the back of the kitchen are JUST like the one I got this weekend (except mine is white powder-coated metal). I can see it now, holding my acacia wood salad bowl, blue floral cake stand, trifle bowl ... the perfect way to display pretty items (and pieces with unique silhouettes, too, like this coffee pot I scored at an estate sale).

What are some of YOUR favorite space-saving ideas??

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  1. I can't wait to have a house- A real live house!- that I can decorate. All of these images are gorgeous!




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