Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Wore

I decided I would fall into the trap of self-induced peer pressure and succumb to the 'here are pictures of what I wore today' blog trend. I certainly have no claim of being a fashion icon or diva or even educated in the field of styles and trends and what actually looks good. Kevin tells me what I wear (in recent months) often resembles a Grandma's outfit: something a blue haired old lady would pull out of her closet; the closet she hadn't updated since 1973.

And yet ... oh well. Ya know? I am getting to a point - very progressive and slow, and sometimes one-step-forward-two-steps-back - where I don't care what people think about what I wear (that said, I do take Kevin's insight into consideration - sometimes his 'tweaks' make my outfits even better and slightly less Granny).

I used to care very much; and I used to worry that people thought I was fat or unfashionable or ugly or unpopular ... and it concerned me. I just didn't know how to fix it so I could 'fit in' which I never ever did. Now I know how fruitless the pursuit of popularity is; I keep telling myself to just 'be yourself', 'be confident'.

I think, pursuant to the thesis of this post, what we wear is truly what we make it. What's in my closet doesn't define me nor does it limit me. I don't care if someone thinks grellow and pumpkin orange shouldn't go together in an outfit; if I want to wear it, I'm wearing it with confidence. I don't care if you think my butt looks big in my high-waisted paper bag tweeds; those pants rock and I will wear them with pride.

We are who we are, not what our hair or our clothes make us look like to other people; that leaves us open to so many misconceptions that often we don't give people a chance to be who they are after making a snap judgment based on ... well, nothing.

So here are some photos of outfits I have worn over the past several months (years, in some cases). However minimally important other people's opinions are, I AM receptive to glowing praise. ;) (except for my 'modeling' skills which I am already aware are greatly lacking!)

From 2007 ...

Tank: Mossimo (Target) // Sweater: TJMaxx // Jeans: Gap // Flats: Marc Fisher (Macy's)

3/2/11 ...

Tee: Gap // Cardigan: Old Navy // Scarf: Gap RED // Pants: Kimchi Blue (UO) // Belt: Gap // Flats: Report (Macy's)

1/20/11 ...
Tank: BDG // Cardigan: Old Navy // Coat: FOG by London Fog // Pants: Old Navy // Flats: Report (Macy's)

3/7/11 ...
Oxford: NY&Co // Cardigan: Target // Skirt: UO // Tights: Target // Shoes // Target

3/17/11 ...
Blouse: F21 // Cardigan: F21 // Pants: Pin & Needles (UO) //Jewelry: AE

Shoes: Rouge Helium (

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  1. you look great in all the pictures. i especially adore the most recent ones. that skirt, those pants, that haircut! beautiful!



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