Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thrifting, antiquing, garage saling, oh my!

Weekends are made for a good deal. Saturday is just the perfect day for early breakfast, a few errands and a dose of thrift or antique shopping for that perfect piece you didn't know you couldn't live with out. 

A couple weekends ago, Kevin and I went to a new antique mall we had never visited before and spent a few hours just browsing the aisles - aisles upon aisles of antiques and not-so-antiques. Here is what we came away with:

Fiestaware Serving Platter in Rose - yes, a retired color but this one is from the second of 2 manufacturing periods, not the original 'vintage' one. Still, just $12.

See? The Fiesta stamp on the bottom indicates that it's newer - apparently if the type is all caps, it's older.

Kevin had to get this old Dick Tracy coffee mug. ;) $3

Some of the vintage comic books Kevin picked up ...

And this weekend, we cruised around for a good garage sale. All we saw were heaps of clothes and kitchen items for the most part. Then we stopped at a garage sale just a few blocks away from our house and I found 2 great things that I wanted (I didn't want then until I saw them, actually). I asked how much they wanted for the pieces and was told they were being sold as a 'lot' with a bunch of other items that I didn't particularly want. We kept browsing and then the seller said, well just take that - I'll be putting it on the curb tomorrow anyway. ... OK! ... before we left I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask just one more time about the other item I had my eye on - I was emboldened by the unexpected freebie. Yup, free again! No lie. I am pretty pleased with my new acquisitions; and most especially with the price. Here's what I found:

Vintage letter opener ... it's missing one of the stones but I think it can easily be replaced (or just left as-is).

Vintage yarn-embroidered cat - the frame needs a coat or 2 of paint to freshen it up ... I actually like how some of the stitches are showing their age ... 

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