Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celeb Lovin' (There's just something about Sarah)

Yes, I love the show.
Yes, I've seen the movies. Both of them.

No, I'm not a SATC-head.
No, I don't own the series on DVD.

But seriously, there is just *something* about Sarah Jessica Parker (and her amazing wardrode)! I love her style. I really respect her style, too. She is classy and sophisticated and whimsical and confident. No one can wear color and patterns and totally couture and sometimes wild pieces quite like she can. She is at once trendy and trend-setting.

There are people who make websites like this one, but I don't agree. Megan Fox, for example, is untalented and a poser; but she is deemed 'attractive' so she is popular, even though she is responsible for bombing the films she stars in. I think SJP, conversely, is attractive and stylish and her confidence does a lot to promote her, more than some people who are more widely considered to be good looking. Plus she is a talented businesswoman as well as an actor.

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  1. Love Sarah...she is so great~~<3



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