Monday, March 7, 2011

Part One: Childhood Memories

You know those toys and books and colors and patterns that stick with you for a lifetime?

For me, most of them are from my very young childhood - just guessing, maybe the 3-6 range? - and are associated with some of the best memories for me. Unfortunately I don't remember anyone sharing those memories (unless you count the toys!) but they are wonderful and happy memories nonetheless.

First, a Fisher-Price brand clay set.

Online I see it called a Play-Doh set, though I'm not sure that it was actually Play-Doh - the clay had a very distinct smell that I remember to this day that is NOT the Play-Doh smell ... I think the clay was blue, like a navy-ish blue.

I loved this set so much! I actually remember playing with the clay and seeing little hairs in the clay (maybe from dropping it a lot? hah) and not really caring! My mom had this little wooden table that she had in the kitchen just under the wall-mounted oven where I would sit during the day and play ... that's what I remember playing with at that table most of all.

Vintage Fisher-Price brand purse set.

I only have vague memories of this but I recall very clearing 'applying' the fake lipstick; I had a blast with that. I remember the way the light pink plastic felt. Made me feel all grown up. =)

Fisher-Price Play House (for Weeble People, aka Little People).

I clearly remember playing with this outside on the driveway in our backyard. It was warm, Summertime, but I remember the cool feel of the pavement on my legs. I could sit there for HOURS without wavering attention. I recently found this one at an antique mall excursion and had to snap a photo.

'My Goodnight Book' by Eloise Wilkin.

I have been looking for this book for a very long time. I couldn't remember what it was called or who wrote it, but I knew it was about a little girl and her bedtime routine. I could remember the pictures - the bathtub one in particular for some reason - but had no I idea what it was called. Always ready to reconnect us with long-past memories, a few Google searches helped me find this wonderful little book.

What about you, faithful readers? Any wonderful childhood memories you still carry with you?

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  1. Interesting question to think about! My mom gave me a Barbie that was hers, and my daughter has it now and plays with it a lot. That definitely brings back memories for me! Thanks for stopping by!!



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