Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Most Amazing Carefree Look

I am a horrible, blog thief and yet I have NO guilt whatsoever.

This photo is so wonderfully amazing and awesome, I am not worried at all that I am taking it from a far better and epically more popular blog than my own humble website.

However, this photo embodies to me what it means to be stylish and yet simple; so unadorned and traditional and yet chic and confident to the hilt. Perfection. Just goes to show that your apparel can be truly basic and unadorned but with a confident air and posture, YOU make the outfit. When I was taking Latin (a truly pointless 3 years, mind you), I learned a phrase, 'Vestis Virum Reddit': 'The clothes make the man'. Sometimes this is true but utimately we have the ability to 'make' our clothes (literally and figuratively); to make them look good and to make ourselves feel confident in whatever we happen to throw on every morning. I've heard people say things like 'She'd look great wearing a towsack' ... we'll, that's probably because 'she' is exuding a confidence that has nothing at all to do with what she's wearing.

*Adore* the wild hair, the mauve blouse and casually cuffed khakis.
Especially love the meanswear shoes!

Check out The Sartorialist and his excellent blog for more 'street style' inspiration.

Also, take a peek at this great website, Missibaba ... they make some really awesome handbags!

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